For over 20 years, United has provided high-end Construction Services throughout the United States, as well as overseas on 5 continents.

Our team consist of multiple generation builders making us ideal for many projects. United has high skilled labor that can handle varying projects holding Structural loads and require special attention to plan specifications. Our team consists of project managers with a Civil & Environmental Engineering background. We implement the use of construction softwares and always keep the most recent provided plans available on our iPads and other devices.Superintendents are also highly skilled with using our construction management tools. When managing their tasks, they revise construction plans and send RFI’s when possible to a sure we are always constructing to the best of our abilities.

On Time, On Budget, Exceptional Results!


When dealing with new or renovation projects it’s important that the builders understand the pre-existing condition of the job site. United has the diligence to do the proper leg work to foresee upcoming complications and help the client come up with the proper solution. In case that there is lack of proper documentation to the previous structure, United’s team is has the experience to efficiently communicate with the client and keep the project to schedule.

We Will Be The Sensation For Your Next Renovation.


United takes pride in not only placing structures but also applying beauty to our outdoor work. We can handle from simple walkways, curbs, gutters, and driveway approaches to more detailed finishes such as stamped concrete and ADA ramps.

At United Excellence Is Not An Act, It’s A Habit.


Our team comes from generations of builders capable of handling any large or small underground construction project. United uses modern construction tools and software that allows us to efficiently manage all our ongoing projects.This includes retaining walls, anchor walls Head walls, box culverts, pipe systems, manholes, catch basin, etc.

Precise coordination, extraordinary results.


United can complete new and remodeled roads along with all the required utilities in a schedule time frame while completing the roads with quality and accuracy.

Yep, United can DIG it!


United has multiple graders with 20+ years of experience grade checking to meet require slopes and elevations to plan details and compaction requirements.

Healthy Environment, Healthy Mind.


United has an environmental engineer background that allows us to properly apply environmental standards when needed all while keeping the efficiency to manage the construction project to plan.

Diversified Services, Unvarying Quality.


Our broad skill set between landscaping and structural construction allows us to take on beautiful garden projects such as cemeteries. United Can handle most of the Involved Trades in house allowing us to maintain control of project quality and efficiency. Our team is capable of handling building concrete walls with cribs installation, specific Veneer walls design, and unique design walkways and stairs.

Let United GLI transform your vision into reality.